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Licensee Category Territory
Character Options Master Toys UK & Eire
DNC UK Lunchboxes UK & Eire
Egmont Magazine
(as part of the All About series)
UK & Eire
Emax Sticker Collection UK & Eire
GB Eye Posters, Prints, Canvasses & Postcards UK & Eire
Gemma International Greetings Cards & Gift Wrap UK & Eire
Penguin Books – Fiction for under 12s, novelty, annual, colouring and activity Worldwide
Titan Books Books – Fiction for adults Worldwide
Aykroyds & TDP Nightwear UK & Eire
TMI Solutions Outerwear UK & Eire
Toybrokers Board Game UK & Eire
Wesco Clocks, Watches & Gift sets UK & Eire