“It’s exciting, fast-moving stuff, right from the start and done with a pleasing touch – all in all, terrific entertainment.”
Daily Mail – Weekend

“Multi-layered, fast, frightening and unashamedly good fun”
Saturday Telegraph

“Expertly put together, this is as good as family drama gets”
5 Stars The Mail

“Primeval is a good old ripping yarn full of goodies, baddies, monsters and breathless chases… Children will adore Primeval.”
Radio Times

“perfect family Saturday night telly”
Total TV Guide

“…the show certainly scores… with its polished production values and computer spun monsters”
Sunday Telegraph

“Primeval is rollicking good fun for all the family”
Radio Times

“This series gets better with every episode”
Guardian Guide

“Perfect Saturday night telly”
Daily Express

“A soaraway success”
The Mail on Sunday

“…a hugely enjoyable, family friendly series… which can’t return soon enough.”

Weekend Magazine

“…a brilliant series”

“The actors are likeable, the monsters are magnificent and the dialogue is frequently funny’

The Times

“Primeval rocks!”
Daily Mail – Weekend

“Thank heavens for Primeval…the only fresh and fun telly entertainment on a dreary Saturday night.”
Inside Soap

“The second series of the special effects laden monster romp has been nerve jangling, roller coaster stuff….. As the tension mounts, the pace never slackens. A fittingly spectacular all-action finale.”
Daily Mail – Weekend

“Taking in time-travel, dinosaurs and government conspiracies, it is widely entertaining… Primeval is a Jurassic lark.”
Sunday Times

“Primeval is terrifically good fun, nostalgic and modern at the same time… I love it to pieces.”
The Observer

“a crackling-good new BBC America sci-fi series thriller that’s packed with vivid CGI prehistoric predators galore…”
Hollywood Reporter

“…a lot of fun, with a great deal of scares…”
Sci-Fi Weekly

“…Primeval is nonstop fun, exciting, reasonably smart and agreeably silly all at once. …such an invigorating action show that the broadcast networks would kill to have it.”
Los Angeles Daily News